The first Ariel radios were made by Abel, Smeeton Ltd in 1932. In 1936 it became Warwick Smeeton Ltd and a separate factory, Imperial Radio Mfg Co, made the rsdios until 1938. Then the business was taken over by Webb's Radio Ltd who carried on making radios in a small way, in the basement of their shop, until 1942. After the war, Webbs specialised in kitsets, including portables, car radios, and household radios. Production stopped in 1970.

Click on pictures below for large versions of this model 185.

Ariel Model 185 Radio    Rear of Aeriel 185 Chassis

This one has a very rusty 5 valve chassis with an 8 inch electromag speaker. The radio does not work. This is one of five radios we have with a paint can lid as the plate on the tuner shaft that the dial cord goes onto. Parts were short before and during the war, so some manufacturers improvised !!

Click on the pictures to see large versions of this model 175.

Aerial 175 Radio Cabinet Front  Rear of Aerial 175 Radio

Aeriaql 175 Radio Chassis and Dial

As can be seen, this is another rusty one. with a paint can lid. It is a 5 valve chassis, made in 1936. It has an 8 inch Magnavox electromag speaker. At this stage I don't know why, but although the dial has two shortwave bands on it, as well as broadcast, there is no sign of there ever having been a band change switch.

Aeriel advertisement from 1933.  Click for full size version.

Click on picture for large version of this 1933 advertisement.  98KB

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