Q Inductances

This one was bought very cheaply from a free advertisement in a local paper. Its condition was abysmal. It would appear to have been made up from a kitset, which appeared to be quite a common practice in the '30s. The only identification on it is "Q Inductances" who made the dial glass and the wave change section. It has a 12 inch speaker, and the output valve is an 807 which is a rather higher powered valve than is usual. It has broadcast band, plus 2 shortwave, and a phono input. Although it is now running, it had been quite "got at" including all the trimmers, I believe. Once it is finished, I think it is going to be a very powerful performer.

Q cabinet, partly stripped.

That 807 output valve is a real powerful brute!  It is a transmitting valve, I gather.  At 400 volts it is apparently capable of giving 58 watts, and at 750 volts it could give 120 watts!  WOW!

Q Radio finished.


There she is. All finished. Still needs a bit of work on the electronics, but otherwise, done!

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