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Zenith Console Radio as Received

Underneath CHassis of Zenith Console

This 8 valve chassis has been extensively "worked on" in the past.  And not very well, in some parts, unfortunately.  The speaker output transformer has been moved to the side of the chassis instead of on the speaker, as can be seen above.  At this stage I'm not sure of the year, but probably 1937 or 1938. Nor have I established a model number.

Top Front area of Zenith Cosole Radio

Dial face of Zenith Console

The cabinet has some borer in it. The dial cover glass and the main station indicator needle are missing. The "second hand" is still there, however. The small dial on the top right is a local/distant switch. It is not connected to anything. The tuning gang seems to catch at times. It is possible that some of the small teeth on the gear drive may be slightly damaged.           

Top of Zenith Console Chassis

Twelve inch Zenith Console Speaker

Three of the eight valves are AWOL, and who knows what the others are like? Or even if they are the correct ones, or in their correct places.  The speaker is a 12 inch, but is mounted on two concentric wooden rings.These rings are each made from two 11/2 circles joined together with corrugated fasteners. I still have to check, but I wouldn't have thought Zenith would have used those. Plus there are holes in the cabinet at about the right places to mount a 15 inch speaker. So maybe that's what it was originally fitted with. Time will tell! The blue paint on the inside is the original factory paint.


Zenith Radio Advertisement from 1928.

Advertisement for 1934 Zenith Radios.

1938 Advertisement for Zenith Radios.

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1934    111KB

1938    86KB

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