The Pacemaker brand was introduced in 1939. They were made by Collier & Beale for distribution by H W Clarke Ltd.

This radio is a bit of a puzzle.  It would appear to be "home made", but whether from a kitset available commercially, or from scratch by a home hobbyist, I'm not sure.  But it is very well made, solid and well finished.

Inside wooden Kitset radio

The chassis with attached speaker, sits well back from the front, with extension pieces on the tuning and volume shafts. The radio/phono switch on the right, and the on/off switch on the left are mounted directly on the cabinet. Someone has written "May 1965" on the inside wall of the cabinet. I assume that is when it was assembled.

Wooden kitset finished

Only part of the dial can be seen, as the rest is covered by the 1/2 moon. But it is a Pacemaker dial, and I think the chassis may also be Pacemaker. It was originally a battery/AC chassis from a portable. The turntable is a Garrard 4 speed. 


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