Clipper radios were made by Akrad Radio Corporation which originally started in 1932 as a one man business. Eventually, in 1962, it became Pye (NZ) Ltd. Some of the brands made by Akrad were Pacific, Futura, Fivestar, Regent, Pye, Clipper, Air Ranger, Astor etc. Many of these were made for other companies.

 The model shown here was made approx 1955. It looked even worse than the photo shows. Someone had even stuck some wood-grain sticky vinyl on the top.  Very badly! But it tidied up a treat. Pity about the cracked dial glass. Maybe one day, another one might be found.

Clipper radio before restoration

 Broken dial, no knobs, plenty of dirt and dust, and a sheet of horrible sticky stuff on the top.

Clipper radio after restoration.

A different "kettle of fish" now! Although it can't be seen in this view, the top is now the same as the rest. In fact the covering protected the top surface very nicely!

We have just learned that Junior was the successful bidder, at an on-line auction, for a brown one of these.


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