Pilot Radios were originally imported from the USA by Harringtons Ltd, but then the agency was taken over by Kodak(NZ) Ltd in 1934. Fisher & Paykel Ltd took over the agency in 1935, and in 1936 started assembleing partly completed chassis and housing them in locally made cabinets made by G.C. Goode Ltd. This continued until the War prevented importing any more sets.

Pilot  Model H660 Radio

The chassis on this Model H660 has 5 valves plus the magic eye. The electromag speaker is an 8 inch one, made by Pilot. It has a 2 gang tuner. There are 2 shortwave and one broadcast bands. The "dial" as can be seen, is a large revolving drum. There are 2 light bulbs that shine through the drum, plus separate bulbs that individually light up to show which band is in use. It was made in USA approximately 1937, although probably assembled in NZ.

Advertisement for 1931 Pilot Radios.

Advertisement for 1931 Pilot Midget Radio.

Advertisement for 1935 Pilot Radios.

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