Philco first came to New Zealand in 1929 when they were imported by Chas Begg & Co. When import restrictions came into being in 1937, local production started. At first, the new company, Dominion Radio & Electrical Corp Ltd, known as DRECO, fitted imported chassis and speakers into home grown cabinets. Although the NZ Philcos were based on the American designs, they did differ considerably. The NZ chassis were even chrome plated! In 1955, after a move to a new factory, Dreco introduced a new line of radios and radiograms....  La Gloria. This seemed to be the beginning of the end for Philco. By 1958 Philco and La Gloria radios were virtually the same, and by 1961, after American Philco were bought by Ford Motor Co, production ceased. 

 Philco Bakelite radio

The Philco 501 Broadcast only receiver. This 5 valve model was made in 1953/54. The model 521 looked exactly the same, but was a Dual Wave job. The bottom right control is a local-distance switch. It become the band change control on the Dual Wave model.

Philco Bakelite Radio 818 

This 5 valve broadcast and 3 shortwave band radio was made in 1947.

Philco Red Radio

Red Philco Radio 

This Garage Sale radio is a 5 valve broadcast. It has been painted. The dial is interesting.  The pointer is pulled across one way, against spring pressure and the spring pulls it back the other way!


Philco Model 804 Clock Radio.

This is a model 804 Alarm Clock Radio from 1954.

Philco Radio Advertisement from 1928

Advertisement for Philco Radios 1935

1941 Advertisement for Philco Radios.

Philco Radio Advertisem,ent from 1954.

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